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Atari arcade classics return as IRL board games


Atari’s quirky comeback continues. First, it was a slick-looking wearable. Now? Board games.

The brand behind some of the earliest video game hits has partnered up with IDW Games on a series of upcoming releases based on Atari classics. First up is a Centipede board game, coming in fall 2017, followed by tabletop versions of Asteroids and Missile Command.

In a twist that should be welcome news to board game fans, the creation of IDW’s Atari titles will be led by Jon Gilmour. He was the co-designer of the popular zombie survival game, Dead of Winter. Read more…

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One of the most popular White House website pages is a petition seeking Trump’s tax returns


As President Donald Trump assumes the oval office, an anti-Trump petition is climbing up the popularity charts on

The second-most popular page on the site as of this writing is a petition calling for the release of Trump’s tax returns, according to an analytics website that tracks the webpages of U.S. federal government agencies.¬†

As of this writing, again, around 7,500 people were on the petition’s page, and the petition was approaching 3,000 signatures. The only page eclipsing the petition is the White House’s home page. Read more…

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Donald Trump’s official inauguration cups are essentially red Solo cups


On Friday, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as our 45th president, and he’s selling some familiar cups to commemorate the occasion.

On the president-elect’s official website, the Trump team is selling a 4-pack of “Official Inauguration 16oz. Cups” that, undeniably, look exactly like red Solo cups with some words on them.

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That’s right; Trump’s inaugural cups look exactly like the plastic chalices filled with filthy water (and inexplicable hair) you used to grab a beer pong ball out of.

“Great for entertaining or sipping your favorite beverage poolside,” the site writes of its product. “It’s not a celebration without these exclusive inauguration¬†party cups.” Read more…

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A developer built a ‘Law & Order: SVU’ episode generator and it’s perfect


Face it: 395 (and counting) episodes of solid crime television isn’t enough. We need more Law & Order: SVU.

Luckily, developer Scott Luptowski has a solution with episode descriptions generated by a computer program.

Sure, SVU can seem slightly robotic already, but to be fair there are only so many variations of “I want a lawyer” that you can write before you’re just saying nonsense.

After building a script to pull episode descriptions from Hulu, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, Luptowski used a tool called a markov chain to automatically predict text based on the existing episode summaries. Luptowski told Mashable in a DM that he then ran the episodes through the chain hundreds of times to find the funniest results. Read more…

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